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Vinyl Royale is a company specialized in vinyl cut service starting from 10 pcs and press vinyl from 100 pcs. Born in 2015 from the sister company AUA RECORDS , wants once again and revist the "analogic culture", offering to our customers a variety of solutions in small quantities reworking creatively the ideas of the past. (see special product / see museum).

The new generation may not have ever heard of objects like flexi disc, picture disc, cardboard records, music postarcard, but for who listened the music from vinyls well know as there "oddity" objects was popular and useful for the diffusion of cheap music of every music genre, managing to be even more beautiful that the standard discs. For have an idea please take a look in our museum page.
Regarding the analogic technology from the past, we can no forget also the audio tapes, and for this reason  l'AUA RECORDS have recently reactivated its old real time tape duplication system. More information out soon on a new web site at

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